A speeding ticket Anna Nicole Smith's ex LARRY BIRKHEAD picked up as he dashed to meet his then-pregnant girlfriend is being used as proof he's the father of baby DANNIELYNN. The photojournalist is locked in a paternity battle with Smith's partner HOWARD K. STERN over the five month old, which will be resolved by a court-ordered DNA test on 20 February (07). But, if anyone needs further proof that Birkhead is the tot's biological father, his lawyer DEBRA OPRI has just the thing. Obtained by website TMZ.com, the parking ticket document was handed out on 15 April, 2006 and the traffic cop who pulled speedy Birkhead over scribbled down the photographer's comments, writing, "I got a call from my pregnant wife, she's sick." Opri tells the website the ticket is significant because Birkhead's statement was a spontaneous reaction to the event, and not in the context of the paternity suit he was to file later in the year (06). But the lawyer insists the cop misquoted her client: "He said 'girlfriend,' not 'wife.'" Sources tell TMZ.com pregnant Smith called Birkhead after a heated row and met him barefoot and in tears in a Studio City, California parking lot.