LATEST: Photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD has insisted a trademark application for the phrase, 'Goodnight My Sweet Anna Baby,' is withdrawn - because it wasn't approved by him. Last week (ends30MAR07) it was reported that Birkhead - the former boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith - had filed to trademark the phrase he used to lull his former girlfriend to sleep, but Birkhead insists he's not the man behind the plan. In a posting on his website, Birkhead writes, "I have never requested a trademark, signed or filled out any paperwork on a trademark relating to Anna Nicole Smith. "The form was filled out by another individual on my behalf. The form was not reviewed or approved by me. "It does not have my signature or authorization, I am far too busy working on my fight for my daughter Dannielynn, to worry about things like trademarking sayings for use in movies, etc. "In other words, I will seek to have this trademark withdrawn or cancelled on the grounds it was not approved by me."