LATEST: Photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD has hit back at claims he refused to pay $650,000 (GBP325,000) in legal fees following his custody battle for Anna Nicole Smith's daughter earlier this year (07). Birkhead was named as the father of nine-month-old Dannielynn in April (07), but lawyer Debra Opri insists the bill for her part in the court case is still outstanding. However, he claims Opri was aware he was not residing in California (where the suit was filed) until a forthcoming custody hearing is resolved next month (Jun07), website reports. He says, "Despite their filings, both Ms. Opri and her attorney received notification making them aware that I would be out of the state of California taking care of my daughter until the conclusion of an upcoming June custody hearing in the Bahamas. "Although at this time, the public is not aware of the unbelievable circumstances which led to me firing Ms. Opri, the only question at the end of the day is, how much money will Debra Opri be paying me? Thanks to the efforts of my Bahamas attorney, Emerick Knowles, I am fortunate enough now to be spending time with my daughter, Dannielynn."