Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD is fuming after Smith's estranged mother hit out at his decision to ban her from her granddaugher's first birthday party. Birkhead and Dannielynn celebrated the landmark last week (07Sep07), without Virgie Arthur. Arthur - who is still fighting for custody of baby Dannielynn following Anna Nicole's death in February (07) - has told reporters she was upset not to be involved in the occasion. But photographer Birkhead, who was awarded Smith's baby in April (07) after a lengthy paternity battle, has hit back at her comments - dubbing her a manipulative money-grabber with no right to expect an invitation. He says, "Virgie knows exactly why she can't see her granddaughter. It's because she's waging a custody battle against me in the Bahamas. It'd be a little awkward with her coming over to my house for dinner - 'Virgie, pass the peas. By the way, see you in court next week.' "She doesn't want to be a grandmother, she wants to be a money manager. She can continue to play poor-pitiful-me games to anyone who'll listen, I'm not buying it. "Dannielynn has (paternal) grandmothers who are all supportive, you don't see them dragging me through every courthouse."