LATEST: Photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD was back in a Los Angeles courtroom this morning (13MAR07) asking a judge for a DNA test to determine the real father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. Birkhead and his lawyer DEBRA OPRI were in court to try and force Smith's lawyer and companion, HOWARD K. STERN, to take a paternity test. Stern's name is listed on six-month-old DANNIELYNN's birth certificate, but Birkhead has been fighting since last October (06) to prove he is the baby's biological father. Birkhead claims, "I know where I was and I know where Anna was. I think it's unfortunate that it's becoming a circus. "One of the reason's it's become a circus is because no one has brought the baby forward to do the test. "There's one way to end it. I'm prepared to take the test and if everyone wants to take the test and get it over with, we have no problem." Stern's lawyers maintain their client is not required by law to take a test and doesn't have to prove anything because he is the person listed as the father on the baby's birth certificate. Opri said she was confident Stern would be forced to come back to California for the test adding, "(He) can't hide behind a fake birth certificate."