Photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD feels sorry for the other men in the battle to confirm paternity of late Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter. Birkhead was confirmed as Dannielynn's biological father on 10 April (07) - two months after Smith died from an accidental drug overdose. But he was part of a three-strong race to become the daddy with the tragic model's partner Howard Stern, who was named the father on the baby's birth certificate, an Prince Frederic Von Anhalt, who insisted he was the baby's biological dad. Birkhead tells OK! magazine, "In court, when they were about to open that envelope, it was like the Academy Awards and they say, 'And the winner is...' "You just sit there trembling. I told my brother it was almost like, `If you don't win the award of being named father, do you say it was great to be nominated?' "I feel sorry for everybody, even though people may have not always been the best to me. I feel sorry for Howard. "I hope that everybody can try to move on and make sense of stuff and not be at war, because I'm tired of war."