LATEST: The photographer fighting Anna Nicole Smith for paternity of her baby daughter stands to lose $10 million (GBP5.1 million) if he continues to go public with his spat. Smith and her longtime lawyer and partner HOWARD K STERN insist LARRY BIRKHEAD signed confidentiality agreements before he started working for the model/actress. Birkhead claims not to be aware of ever signing one, but he contends the potential financial penalty of appearing on TV news shows will be worth it if he wins the paternity battle. He says, "This is my child; it doesn't matter what the penalty is... I'm just defending myself." The "AGREEMENT NOT TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE MEDIA" consent form was obtained by news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT prior to Birkhead's latest taped interview - which airs tonight (06FEB07). It features what appears to be Birkhead's signature and initials, and a handwritten addendum that states, "If I breach this agreement then I will pay a liquidated damages sum of ten million dollars, and any money received would revert back to Anna Nicole Smith as damages from any breach."