Photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD has dismissed speculation his daughter Dannielynn's is suffering from health problems due to the alleged medication her late mother Anna Nicole Smith was taking during her pregnancy. Birkhead and Smith split in May (06), while the model was still pregnant, after a series of arguments about "trivial" things and the medications Smith was taking at the time. The photographer was named biological father of the tot on 10 April (07). Smith had previously named her partner Howard K. Stern as the father on the baby's birth certificate. Birkhead tells British magazine OK!, "I was a bit concerned (about Dannielynn's health). But I got to see the ultrasounds when Anna was about four and a half months pregnant, and the specialist there told me the baby features and development were perfect. "It was a bit of a mystery from that point until I got to see her, as I didn't know who to believe about anything. "She's actually grown quite a bit from the between the first time I saw her and now. She's got really heavy, she's gained weight, she has her mum's long legs and she's just beautiful. I'm not worried at all any more and I've spoken to the doctors and they say she's just fine." Smith died in a Florida hotel suite in February (07) following an accidental drug overdose.