Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD is tempted to lead an anonymous life with his baby daughter Dannielynn, despite being inundated with media job offers. Birkhead was this week (begs23Apr07) given permission to leave the Bahamas and return home to the US with Dannielynn. But Birkhead isn't sure he's liking his time in the spotlight. He says, "A lot of people are calling. There's a script for a movie, some TV, an entertainment correspondent for a show, things like that. "Maybe I'll just go off into the sunset with my daughter. I don't want to live under the microscope like Anna. "I want to make a difference for my daughter. Maybe we'll live a quiet life by the beach, or go back to where I'm from, or find a place to start new. "I want to take a few months off to get to know my daughter and for her to get to know me."