Anna Nicole Smith's ex-lover Larry Birkhead is standing by his one-time love rival HOWARD K. STERN, as the lawyer faces charges relating to the tragic star's death.
Stern, Smith's attorney and companion, is accused of conspiring to furnish the late actress/model with drugs, which ultimately resulted in her 2007 death.
Stern and two other doctors have pleaded not guilty, and Birkhead, who won a paternity battle against Stern over Smith's daughter Dannielynn, can't imagine the lawyer is in anyway responsible for Anna Nicole's death.
The photographer has been helping Los Angeles authorities with their investigations and has been subpoenaed to testify in court.
Questions have arisen over the competency of Stern as the executor of Smith's estate as he prepares for trial, but Birkhead insists he has no intention of launching a legal challenge to have him replaced.
He says, "At this time we have a working relationship and he (Stern) has Dannielynn's best interests at heart. On the estate level of business, he's actually become a friend. I don't think he had anything to do with Anna Nicole's death and I think that was, and still is, his life. To this day he's still working for the estate."
Birkhead is also confident Stern will be cleared of the charges and has urged the media to give the lawyer the benefit of the doubt.
He says, "I think that he's (Stern) been charged in the media as being guilty already."