Anna Nicole Smith left ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD after a series of arguments over the medication she was taking, according to the photographer. Birkhead, 34, was still dating the former Playboy model when she discovered she was pregnant in February 2006 and the couple began planning parenthood together. However, in April, Birkhead admits the relationship began to sour and the couple found they were arguing a lot over trivial things. He tells British magazine OK!, "The actual fight that ended our relationship was over something really trivial. At the time I thought it was hormones and then we had some tension over the medications. "I wanted her to just be responsible, so we had a falling out and she took off, and the next thing I know she came to the Bahamas and had the baby and then (her son) Daniel died. It was just all at once. "I think she thought I was going to try and take the baby from her because I was worried about some of the things that she was doing and people were telling her that I was going to take the baby. "Regardless, she took off but we stayed in contact all the way up to when the baby was born, either by telephone or emails." Smith gave birth to Dannielynn on 7 September (06) and put her then-partner Howard K. Stern's down as the father on the birth certificate. After a series of court appearances, a DNA test confirmed Birkhead was the biological father of the tot on 10 April (07). Smith died in a Florida hotel room in February (07) from an accidental drugs overdose, six months after the birth of Dannielynn.