Anna Nicole Smith's long-serving bodyguard has accused the tragic actress/model's companion and lawyer of harassing him over photographs of the dead star. Moe Brighthaupt is considering taking legal action against Howard K. Stern and his attorney Lin Wood after claiming the pair has started a public smear campaign against him. Brighthaupt insists he is not the one currently distributing photos of a naked, vomiting Smith to media groups - something Stern went public about during a recent appearance on CNN chat show Larry King Live. Brighthaupt, aka Big Moe, tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood, "He's (Stern) gotten on TV and called me a thief and a liar. (He said he) knew I was distributing pictures that should have never been taken in the first place of Anna. "It's gotten to the point, where I had to say something. I've been called a thief and that angers me... I've been harassed. "Lin Wood and Howard (have been) sending threatening letters." Brighthaupt was the bodyguard who attempted to revive Smith after she was found dead in a hotel suite in Florida in February (07).