A Bahamas law firm is suing former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith for unpaid legal fees totaling $113,000 (GBP58,000). Callenders, which is based in Nassau, has secured an injunction from the Bahamas Supreme Court forbidding Smith from reducing the balance in her local bank accounts below $125,000 (GBP64,000). Attorney TRACY FERGUSON contends Smith has repeatedly failed to pay fees due to her company. She explains, "We are determined to pursue this. We will be paid. Ms Smith now needs to respond to this and stop being evasive." The former reality TV star hired Callenders in September (06) to handle affairs surrounding her son DANIEL's death. Daniel died at his mother's hospital bedside aged 20 - three days after she gave birth to a daughter. The firm later withdrew its services, but only after several weeks of work. In an affidavit, Ferguson said she believed Smith had the funds to pay "but that she has a total aversion to paying her bills and that she will seek to avoid paying the fees by any means that occur to her, including by sending her money within this jurisdiction abroad."