Anna Nicole Smith's mother VIRGIE ARTHUR made a pilgrimage to her daughter and grandson's graves in the Bahamas on Monday (10Sep07) to mark the anniversary of DANIEL's death While Smith's ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, celebrated the first birthday of the couple's baby daughter Dannielynn with family and friends in Kentucky, grandma wasn't celebrating. Instead she laid plastic flowers on her daughter and grandson's graves. Arthur, who is still fighting for custody of baby Dannielynn following Anna Nicole's death in February (07), admits she was upset that she wasn't included in her granddaughter's birthday celebrations. She says, "I was hoping that I would have been invited." Birkhead insists grandma could have been part of the party - if she had agreed to stop fighting him for custody of his daughter. "She could have been here. I gave her every opportunity to quit the fight... It didn't happen." Meanwhile, Anna Nicole's longtime companion, Howard K. Stern also visited the Bahamas gravesites, and admits he was slightly upset by Arthur's plastic offering: "I visited Anna and Daniel under the cover of darkness because I did not want the media to capture my private moments with loved ones. "In the early morning, I brought two baskets of flowers from Dannielynn, myself, and others. When I visited again late at night, I found plastic flowers drilled into the ground next to our flowers."