Anna Nicole Smith's estranged mother VIRGIE ARTHUR has attacked the Florida judge who awarded her the model's remains to her baby daughter, insisting he took too long to reach a decision. Like many, Arthur was bemused by Judge LARRY SEIDLIN's dramatic behaviour during the week-long trial and found the tears he cried yesterday (22FEB07), while awarding Smith's remains to her child's legally-appointed guardian, a little strange. She says, "He took four or five days to do what would only take a normal judge one day, maybe a couple of hours to do... Maybe he wants to be a movie star." Arthur's attorney, JOHN O'QUINN, who added to the bizarre proceedings in court yesterday by briefly passing out, supports his client's theory. He claims Judge Seidlin wanted to make a name for himself with the eyes of America and much of the world upon him. The lawyer says, "This judge had already decided what he was going to do before he heard the first word of evidence and this was his moment of glory in the sun. "The entire nation was watching him, so he wanted to do the most bizarre thing he could."