Anna Nicole Smith's jailed ex-boyfriend fears a sex tape of him making love to the tragic model is among the items stolen in a raid on her home in the Bahamas. MARK HATTEN, who is serving time for making terrorist threats against Smith and beating up her neighbour, has revealed the existence of the sex tape in recent correspondence with Smith's estranged mother VIRGIE ARTHUR. In one letter to Arthur, obtained by website, Hatten urges her to find and destroy the tape, explaining his ex was "against pornography (hardcore)". Convicted Hatten believes the tape was among the items allegedly stolen from the home Smith shared with her companion HOWARD K. STERN on the day after she died (08FEB07). In other letters Hatten has written from prison, he also suggests he could be the father of Anna Nicole's baby daughter DANNIELYNN. Smith's ex started corresponding with her estranged mother late last year (06) after she wrote to Hatten asking him to share memories of his time with Anna Nicole.