LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith's family are backing photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD's bid to prove he's the biological father of the tragic model's baby girl - because they can't bear the idea of the tot being raised by her partner HOWARD K. STERN. Smith's mother VIRGIE ARTHUR and her sister DONNA HOGAN were left devastated by the news Smith, 39, had died in Florida yesterday (08FEB07) and now they can only hope that Birkhead wins his paternity battle and takes custody of baby DANNIELYNN. Speaking by phone on CNN show Larry King LIVE last night (08FEB07) Hogan said, "I'm going to make sure Howard K. Stern does not raise her (Dannielynn). I do not believe he is the father and I don't believe that he's capable of raising her. "I'm hoping that Larry Birkhead gets a chance to prove if he's the father or not. And, if he is, then I'll stand beside him on that. If not, then, yes, we need to step in." Hogan stated she holds Stern responsible for the deaths of her sister and nephew, DANIEL, who died of a lethal overdose last September (06). She added, "Don't even get me started on that man... I don't have really good feelings about him right now. "I have two family members that have died in his life just recently and it's like he just stood by and let it happen."