Anna Nicole Smith's best pal has scoffed at reports the model took her own life - because she had too much to live for. Professional volleyball player JACKIE HATTEN was stunned by her pal's death last week (08FEB07) but insists there's no way Smith committed suicide. She says, "She was about to get a yacht. She's always wanted to have a yacht. Why would she go and kill herself when she's going down to buy a yacht? It doesn't make any sense... I rule out suicide completely." But Hatten is puzzled as to why her friend was in Florida buying a yacht when she should have been at home in The Bahamas, looking after her baby girl DANNIELYNN, and she blames Stern for breaking up mother and child. She explains, "Why take her away...? If you're a true friend, you would leave her with her baby. "Howard took her to Florida to buy a yacht. Can the boat not wait? I mean my friend's health and sanity is the most important thing here, in my opinion."