Anna Nicole Smith's heartbroken former assistant has her fingers crossed that the late model's longtime companion HOWARD K. STERN gets custody of baby DANNIELYNN - because he's the best father. KIMMIE WALTHER, who played a major part in Smith's beloved reality series THE ANNA NICOLE SMITH SHOW, doesn't care what a court-ordered paternity test shows, and insists Stern should get full custody of Anna Nicole's baby girl. Walther says, "I feel like she should be with Howard because she's been with Howard since the day she was born, Howard was there through the whole pregnancy. "Howard loved Anna and he will make sure that baby is taken care of and will know all the love Anna had to give and know all the positive things." Despite claims photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD is the baby's biological father, Walther reveals her late boss told her Stern is Dannielynn's dad. She adds, "In the beginning she told me she didn't know and then she told me it was Howard."