Busty Anna Nicole Smith is literally growing tired of her new miracle diet pill, because it's costing her sleep.

The model-turned-reality TV star has been on the TRIMSPA diet for the past year and has returned to her former PLAYBOY shape - but the pill has led to a number of drastic lifestyle changes.

She says, "The only side effect is you get a lot of energy, which I don't really prefer. I like to lay in bed and sleep late in the day and that doesn't really happen any more."

Anna Nicole has also discovered the TrimSpa pill has robbed her of her appetite.

She explains, "I don't crave anything. I loved LADY GODIVA chocolates. I miss having those beautiful boxes but I don't eat them any more. I don't even want sweets any more.

"I can eat whatever I want but I don't crave it. I eat what people make me eat. I so don't want to eat food."

Smith's next project is to tone up and get fit - because she wants to look great for an upcoming calendar shoot and an appearance in Get Shorty movie sequel Be Cool.

She adds, "I haven't exercised yet but I'm going to start. I have to tone up a little bit."

11/02/2004 09:23