LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith's will was released Friday (16FEB07) by a Florida court, which revealed she left everything to her son DANIEL, who died in September (06). Smith's companion, HOWARD K STERN, is named as the executor of her estate. The will was written in 2001 and was not updated after the birth of her daughter, DANNIELYNN HOPE, last year (06). According to the document, which was signed by VICKIE LYNN MARSHALL, Smith's real name, Stern is given full authority to take care of assets and property. The will does not say where Smith wished to be buried. Stern and Smith's estranged mother, VIRGIE ARTHUR, are currently locked in a bitter court battle over where her final resting place will be. Stern has been ordered to appear in person in a Florida courtroom Tuesday (20FEB07) to offer testimony regarding where Smith should be buried. His attorney, KRISTA BARTH, had tried to convince Judge LARRY SEIDLIN to allow him to testify from the Bahamas by phone, claiming he could not leave Dannielynn. However, in the ruling regarding Stern's court appearance, Seidlin was swayed by Arthur's attorney, who pointed out that Stern and Smith had previously left the infant with a babysitter when they traveled to Florida to buy a boat. It was during that trip that Smith collapsed and died at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel + Casino on 8 February (07).