LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son DANIEL died of an apparent drug overdose, according to media reports in the Bahamas. Anna Nicole gave birth to a daughter on Thursday (07SEP06) and Daniel had flown in to celebrate with his mother when he died unexpectedly on Sunday (10SEP06). Sources close to the case say preliminary investigations reveal that various medications, along with drugs, were found in his system. According to The Nassau Guardian, Daniel was reportedly vomiting uncontrollably shortly before he collapsed and died. According to one source, "All we know right now is that he was on anti-depressants. Some things indicate that he probably overdosed on those drugs." The source said that his mother helplessly tried to revive her son, adding that the hospital room where Daniel was found "was a total mess" with vomit and blood splattered everywhere. The source also alleges that the medical team were unable to find the proper oxygen supply needed to resuscitate him at the time. Anna Nicole had recently been granted residency in the Bahamas and has reportedly purchased a home there. An autopsy was completed Monday (11SEP06) night on Daniel's body and the results have not yet been released.