On the 10th anniversary of Smith's death (08Feb17), Hatten reveals he knew his ex would not be able to survive after her son passed away.

"When I heard Daniel died I knew she wouldn't last long," he tells In Touch magazine. "I've seen people pamper their kids but he was literally her world. She died of a broken heart."

Hatten, who dated Anna Nicole from 2000 to 2002, admits he was stunned by the news of Daniel's death, because the 20-year-old was always concerned about his mother's drug use - and never touched them.

"He never did any drugs to any capacity, he never drank, so I was shocked, shocked, when I heard he died of a drug overdose," Hatten adds. "He was a good boy."

Daniel Smith, died suddenly while visiting his mother and newborn sister in the Bahamas in September, 2006. His mother died from an accidental prescription drug overdose on 8 February, 2007.