Anna Nicole Smith has slammed cable network VH1 for airing a special about her most shocking moments.

Last week (ends12AUG05), VH1 aired ALL ACCESS: ANNA NICOLE'S MOST SHOCKING, which focused on her more controversial moments in the limelight.

But the busty blonde was particularly disgusted with the way her marriage to her late husband J HOWARD MARSHALL was handled.

In her column for US tabloid the National Enquirer, she rants, "VH1, you stink! I knew your programme on my most shocking moments would be garbage. How could you let those no-name hacks say such nasty things about me and my husband? They don't know a thing about either of us!

"And (for your information), I didn't wear my wedding dress to his funeral! I wore white instead of black to remember the good times. That's what he would have wanted."

She adds, "Note to all you wannabe funny guys: get some new material! My husband passed away years ago. Your jokes are getting older then he was!" Smith wed Marshall in 1994, when she was 26 and he was almost 90. He died a year later.