Anna Nicole Smith has slammed former lover LARRY BIRKHEAD for sending her a box of baby clothes - she found the unexpected gift "scary." Photographer Birkhead is fighting to prove he's the biological father of Smith's baby girl DANNIELYNN, but his public statements about his alleged romance and the ongoing war between the former friends has upset the actress/model - and she was perplexed when Birkhead recently sent her a box full of baby gifts. She says, "He has sent me a box of baby clothes. Inside was a book that said 'My Family,' and in the back of it, it had a picture of me and him... It's kinda scary in a way." In her latest TV attack on Birkhead, which aired on US news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT last night, Smith fired back at strong claims her ex made during a recent appearance on CNN show Larry King LIVE. Responding to Birkhead's claims she miscarried their first child, Smith admitted she has lost babies but added, "not with him." She also dismissed claims Birkhead attended early pregnancy doctor appointments with her, stating "That's not true." But her real ace could be a confidentiality agreement that Birkhead signed when he was hired as Smith's photographer - a document he insists he never saw, let alone signed. Smith said, "Everyone in my life has signed one... He actually signed three of them."