A doctor who allegedly supplied Anna Nicole Smith with illegal drugs shortly before the birth of her daughter DANNIELYNN is under investigation by the Medical Board of California. Documents leaked to website TMZ.com suggested the star, who died last Thursday (08FEB07), was prescribed the heroin substitute methadone by DR SANDEEP KAPOOR on 25 August last year (06), 13 days before giving birth. CANDIS COHEN, a spokesperson for the Medical Board of California confirmed Kapoor was under scrutiny after information regarding possible misconduct came to the attention of the board. Cohen confirmed the investigation was connected to Smith, but refused to elaborate on the allegations. The prescription in question was reportedly written to Smith under an alleged alias, MICHELLE SMITH, and was sent by a San Fernando, California, pharmacy to the home of VICKY MARSHALL in the Bahamas - Smith's real name is VICKIE MARSHALL. Son DANIEL died of a methadone and anti-depressants overdose in September last year. The cause of Smith's death is still unclear, with her body awaiting further DNA tests before it can be released but lawyers feuding over Smith's remains agreed that a funeral director could start the embalming process as early as today (16FEB07).