Anna Nicole Smith is refusing to entertain her ex-boyfriend's plans to prove he's the father of the actress/model's new baby girl, telling her lawyers to scrap paternity test plans. Photojournalist LARRY BIRKHEAD has maintained he's the father of baby DANNIELYNN since June (06), when he made the busty blonde's pregnancy public. And he recently announced plans to undergo a paternity test to prove he's the proud father and not Smith's attorney HOWARD K SMITH, who claimed he was Dannielynn's dad in a recent TV interview with CNN anchorman Larry King. But there's one thing preventing Birkhead from proving he's the baby's biological father - Smith won't let her six-week-old daughter undergo paternity testing. Birkhead's lawsuit seeks a court order for Smith to bring the girl to California for a DNA test. The photographer's attorney, DEBRA OPRI, is heading to the Bahamas this weekend (21-22OCT06) to take depositions from Smith and Stern. She defiantly states, "We're going to get that paternity test. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but I'm not going away." A hearing on Birkhead's lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court has been scheduled for next week (26OCT06).