LATEST: Anna Nicole Smith's diaries will still go on sale despite her ex-lover HOWARD K. STERN insisting they are stolen property. An unnamed buyer purchased the diaries and other mementos during an eBay Internet auction earlier this year for $500,000 (GBP256,400) - and is convinced they can turn the acquisition into a profit by re-selling the items in Dallas, Texas - Smith's native state - this weekend (14-15Apr07). However, in a letter to Doug Norwine, the director of music and entertainment memorabilia at Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, an attorney for Stern claimed the diaries belong to his client and that they were stolen. But Norwine insists the auction will go ahead, saying, "In the absence of a judge stopping this auction, this auction will go forward. After the auction we'll determine what happens. We will continue to take the high road." The journals feature Smith's recollections of her first meetings with bosses at Guess Jeans, where she signed her first major contract, and expressions of love towards her then-husband, oil tycoon J Howard Marshall, who died in 1995.