Russian tennis babe Anna Kournikova has learned to ignore what the press says about her.

The blonde athlete has been tabloid fodder ever since she burst onto the international tennis scene, and her high-profile romance with singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS also upped press interest in her life off-court.

But Anna is determined to pay no attention to what's written about her, and get on with her life.

She says, "Ninety-nine per cent of the things I read about, I didn't even do them! Whether I'm being careful or really enjoying myself and having fun, it doesn't matter - the next day they want to write about me anyway.

"I like to have fun, so I'm just going to be me. I'm not going to pretend.

"Sometimes it's really over exaggerated, these amazing fairy tales. My life is really not as exciting as they make it out to be. My life is much more simple.

"If I were to go out and set straight every single rumour, I would have no time to do anything else."

21/08/2003 21:17