Anna Kendrick used to pretend she was Ashley Olsen's best friend to get into nightclubs.

The 26-year-old actress moved to Los Angeles in her late teens to pursue her Hollywood career, and she admits she used to think it was ''so urgent'' to get into a club her friends would lie and say she was friends with the actress-and-designer.

She said: ''You start to think it's important to go to nightclubs. It's urgent, almost, that you do it, because there's magic inside!

''Then you get in and there isn't. But you don't learn your lesson. I found it all so weird. You know, someone would tell the door guy that I was Ashley Olsen's best friend, just so we could get into some club I didn't want to go to anyway.''

The 'Twilight Saga' star admits she initially struggled to deal with the level of ambition people had in Los Angeles, especially when it came to money.

She told The Guardian newspaper: ''Humility was an important part of the way I grew up. And I found that to be less Common when I moved to California.

''That's not to say humble people don't exist there, but ambition seems really important. I heard people saying they were going to become millionaires by the time they were 25 - that's gross and obnoxious, but in California it's looked on as an asset.''