The Pitch Perfect actress is known for her outspoken and unfiltered comments, both in interviews and on Twitter.

However when it comes to sharing her opinion on subjects like sexism, Anna insists there are more interesting people the press could speak to.

“Well, it’s weird, isn’t it, because I feel like why would anybody want my ‘expert opinion’ on any of these topics?” she mused to Britain's Glamour magazine. “If you want to learn about intersectional feminism, read Roxane Gay (feminist writer and commentator), don’t ask me, you know? I’m being asked to speak on these things when I’m trying to learn about them myself.”

"It shouldn't be the most important conversation about sexism - because no one really wants to f**king hear actors talk about this, because we're in such positions of privilege.”

Many stars, like Jennifer Lawrence and Patricia Arquette, are happy to talk about sexism in Hollywood, especially the pay gap between actors and actress. But for Pitch Perfect star Anna, she’d rather the conversation moved to other areas, so a solution can be found to help real people suffering.

“I would love to hear more about sexism that exists in other fields and how we can address that - but we keep getting asked about it,” she sighed.

During the chat Anna, who’s in a long-term relationship with British cinematographer Ben Richardson, also touched on modern day dating, and proclaimed dating app Tinder is the work of the devil.

“It seems completely terrifying. I think Tinder is an app designed by Satan to destroy us all, I don’t think I’d be able to do it,” she laughed.