Anna Kendrick's stylist convinced her into buying expensive shoes costing ''more'' than her rent.

The 31-year-old actress has admitted she was ''sucked'' in to purchasing footwear with an extortionate price tag when she was promoting her breakthrough role as Natalie Keener in 'Up In The Air' or else the ''world will end''.

Speaking to chat show host Savannah Guthrie on 'Today' about her previous wardrobe choices, the 'Pitch Perfect' star said: ''But at that point the movie wasn't out yet and nobody really knew who I was and my stylist was like, 'You still have to be wearing the expensive shoes otherwise the world will end,' and kind of talked me into buying these shoes that were more than my rent.

''I was like. 'I think that you think my life has completely changed already and it hasn't. I'm going to need to wait on that.' But I got sucked in to it. A very pathetic moment.''

However, the brunette beauty has revealed there is ''great irony'' surrounding the gifts she received because when she can afford to buy luxury items somebody will ''lend'' her garments, but never received any gifts or samples when she was trying to make her big break.

She explained: ''It's the great irony that once you can afford the shoes somebody will lend them to you which is lovely.''

Meanwhile, Anna recently admitted she would like to take a six month break from acting one day to assess her career.

Speaking previously, she said: ''It's hard to take a step back and see if there's something I should be doing differently. At some point I'll have to take a good six months off and not make movies.

''But working for 14 hours a day for months at a time is not sustainable. Not being on a set means you can explore the world and enrich your life. It'd probably be wise to invest in those things.''