Anna Kendrick loves British people who swear.

The 29-year-old actress is known for using foul-mouthed language on Twitter, but says it is not accepted in the same way in America which is why she loves it when Brits say inappropriate words.

She joked: ''I just so appreciate this country's use of the 'c***'.''

Despite being considered extremely offensive, the star - who plays Cinderella in Disney's latest fairytale blockbuster 'Into the Woods' - says it is only considered rude because it is not used regularly.

Speaking about the word ''c***'', she continued: ''I just hate that it's such a taboo in America. It only hurts women if we don't say it.''

Although she is known for starring in films for young people including 'Pitch Perfect' and the 'Twilight' saga, she confesses she has a dirty sense of humour and finds it heart-warming when people use the derogatory term on each other.

She told the Sunday Times: ''I love that guys call each other that word here. It warms my heart.''

Luckily for the rising star, she revealed she has not been asked to tone down her language online, having previously tweeted joking about masturbation and sex dolls.

When asked if she had received any pressure to curb her online presence, she quipped: ''You mean, I should probably not say 'f**k' on Twitter for a couple of months?''