The Pitch Perfect star, who usually appears happy and positive, is currently drawn to characters which are feeling a bit lost or vulnerable when she is given new scripts, and she is convinced this is because she is going through a similar phase in her life.

She told that if she were to choose one of those parts, she would have to search for the character's strength, which is something she is currently doing herself to figure out why she is feeling restless, especially when her career is going better than she ever imagined.

"That would, no doubt, be a reflection of what I’m going through in my life right now and the fact that I’m in this place where I’m searching for my own strength in a very vulnerable time," she explained.

"In a way, it’s a lot easier to be discontented when there’s something you can immediately blame that on – financial instability or not being allowed to do what you love. It’s interesting to be in a place where I’m doing exactly what I want to do and it's all going better than I could have ever dreamed and now I have to look at all of these other aspects of my life and figure out what it is I really want.

"I can’t blame my discontent on the fact that I don’t have the job I want. That’s the best, and the scariest place, to be. I have to do the inside work now."

Anna, 30, has six films lined up for release this year (16), including comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, thriller The Accountant and animation flick Trolls.