Anna Friel is constantly on the look-out for ghosts while she's on-stage in London following rumours of a supernatural presence at the theatre where she is working.
The former Pushing Daisies star is currently performing in a stage version of Audrey Hepburn's 1961 classic Breakfast At Tiffany's and reports of a ghoul at the venue have left the actress feeling spooked.
Stories suggested the West End production had tempted the ghosts of Hepburn and the novel's author Truman Capote to London's Royal Haymarket Theatre.
Despite insisting the rumours are false, Friel confesses she can't help looking out for supernatural encounters backstage - especially after actor Patrick Stewart spotted a spook while performing in Waiting for Godot at the same venue.
She says, "Everyone keeps talking about this ghost. Supposedly I think that Capote is in the corner or Audrey Hepburn is there watching, but I've never seen her. Patrick Stewart, who was in Godot beforehand, said he saw it on-stage and it came out of a box. I keep looking now!"
But the Pushing Daisies star insists she has opened her mind to the spiritual world - because of ghostly goings-on in her dressing room.
She adds, "The music in my room has gone up a few times but I just put it down to an electrical glitch."