British actress Anna Friel is paying school fees for her daughter in both the U.K. and U.S. while she decides where to settle down.
Friel moved to California to play Charlotte Charles in Pushing Daisies, a role which earned her two Golden Globe nominations, and lived there until the show came to an end in 2009.
After she split from longtime partner David Thewlis last year (10), Friel decided to return to her native U.K. with their daughter Gracie.
The star now admits the move has been costly as she is paying education fees in both countries to ensure her daughter has a place in school if she returns to America.
She tells Britain's Daily Telegraph, "I have been back in Britain for three weeks and now I really have to fly over to the States and talk about the various offers that have been made - and there have been an awful lot. It's all very exciting, but because of Gracie, every decision I make has to be weighed up carefully. She didn't ask to be from a broken home, so she must be my priority at all times.
"I don't want her schooling to be disrupted, so at the moment I'm paying two sets of school fees - fees... in Britain and fees to keep her place open at her school in L.A. Fortunately, she's happy in both environments and it's quite funny to hear her accent change accordingly."