Anna Friel wanted the men on 'The Look of Love' to get naked.

The 36-year-old actress plays Jean Raymond, the wife of British porn baron Paul Raymond, in the biopic and had to get nude on screen to re-enact a photo shoot her character took part in for the adult magazine Men Only.

She thinks it's a shame all the nudity in the movie is of the female variety and wishes some of her male co-stars - who include Steve Coogan - had stripped off.

Talking at the film's premiere at The Curzon cinema in London's Soho district on Monday night (15.04.2013), she told BANG Showbiz: ''I remember when I was posing, I thought wouldn't it be funny if all the men had to get undressed! But that didn't happen. If all of the men had to get naked, that would have been fabulous.''

'The Look of Love' follows the life of Raymond - played by Coogan - during his years as a strip club proprietor and porn publisher in Soho, famous for being the sex destination of the UK capital.

There are many nude and sex scenes in the movie, and Friel admits she was embarrassed witnessing some.

She said: ''It was mostly a man's group and there was only one woman and she was naked, and I thought this isn't a standard affair and I thought, 'Look away look away! There's a naked woman who is very much not dressed!'''

But Friel wasn't phased by the amount of nudity when she read the script.

She explained: ''It wasn't shocking, it was really interesting. I didn't actually know about Raymond, I was just bit too young , I was born in 1976. But I found it fascinating - the fact that it was depicted through three women's perspectives; his daughter, his wife and the woman he went off with.''

Anna wore a mustard yellow vintage dress whilst posing next to her co-stars Coogan, 47, and Tamsin Egerton, 24, who plays his lover Fiona Richmond.

Chris Addison, James Lance and director Michael Winterbottom also attended the event as well as Raymond's granddaughters, India Rose James and Faun James.