Anna Friel is thinking of having her eggs frozen - to prolong her fertility.

The 36-year-old actress already has daughter Gracie, seven, with ex-boyfriend David Thewlis but is keen to have more children when her current beau, 'Notting Hill' star Rhys Ifans, is ready to take on fatherhood.

She revealed: ''I do want another child, but it's not something I want to rush into at his point in my life with Rhys.

''I think he would like his own child, but I'm not sure we're ready yet. I'm 36. All my friends around me are freezing their eggs!''

Anna also finds it more of a challenge to be a mother in this day and age as she has to maintain her career while looking after her daughter.

The brunette beauty added to Easy Living magazine: ''It's so much harder to be a woman these days. We've got to do everything - keep working and cope with travelling, and still be a mother.''

The 'Limitless' actress chooses to keep her relationship with the Welsh actor private because she feels being in the public eye makes their romance ''harder'', especially as Rhys is shy.

She said: ''Of course we go out together - but you don't really see us pictured together. We try not to make anything public because it can make relationships harder. He's shy when it comes to that kind of thing.''