British actress Anna Friel used her growing cleavage to hide her pregnancy during filming for new blockbuster GOAL!

The 29-year-old plays a sexy nurse in the new football film, which features David Beckham, but had difficulty covering up her growing bump - so she distracts the audience's attention with her ample chest.

Friel, who gave birth to her daughter GRACIE nine weeks ago (JUL05), resorted to 'showing cleavage' to try and distract from her stomach.

She says: " We discovered if I wore a short skirt then that was a great way to distract attention. Also my boobs were a bit bigger so that helped attract the eye as well.

"My bump didn't actually start to show until the last three weeks of the film, and I had to wear those extra-tight Bridget Jones knickers. It was difficult having to feel and act sexy with those on."