Perhaps Anna Friel didn't get the memo about Angelina Jolie's dress at the Golden Globes. The general consensus for that one was that it was a bit of a no-no. In fact, Jolie was so widely ridiculed for her bizarre leg-baring antics at the glittering awards ceremony that her right leg became a star in its own right and even had its own Twitter feed by the following morning.
Whether it was out of ignorance, or an attempt at attracting attention, we are not sure but Anna Friel decided to go one better than Angelina and wear a dress to the Spider-Man premiere in London last night (June 18, 2012) with not one but two splits up the side. Double the ridicule! The British actress is currently dating Rhys Ifans, who plays the role of The Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors in the movie and rocked up to the movie's premiere wearing a daring silky purple number, slashed up both sides for extra exposure.
It was certainly an eye-catching sight but even Friel's slender pins couldn't take the attention away from the real star of the red carpet. Spider-Man actress Emma Stone arrived at the premiere where she was joined by her off-screen and on-screen love interest, Andrew Garfield, who plays the title role in the movie. Stone graced the red carpet wearing a daring, yet classy black glittery top, with a neckline that plunged almost to her waist. Talking to MailOnline, Emma said she avoided a potential wardrobe malfunction by smoothing the top down before she stepped in front of the cameras.