Anna Faris wasn't impressed with Chris Pratt's ''love making'' mixtape.

The 37-year-old actor has admitted he once made a mixtape of songs for his wife Anna - with whom he shares four-year-old son Jack - but the romantic gesture didn't go down well when they got into the bedroom as it failed to get the blonde beauty in the mood.

Chris recalled: ''I was thinking in my head, this is going to be our love making mix, you know? And the first song I put was Al Green.

''She was kind of looking at me and I could tell right away big miss. She was like 'Who are you? You don't listen to Al Green. What are you trying to pull? We're already married it's cool.' That was the first and only song we got through and I threw it away I was so embarrassed.''

And the 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' star thinks his selection of songs is what let him down.

He added: ''For me it's the wrong humping tempo. I need some EDM - no, just kidding.''

Chris' failed mixtape isn't the only thing that's taken a knock to his ego either, as he also admitted his son prefers other superheroes over Star-Lord, the role Chris plays in the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' series.

Speaking during an appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', Chris said: ''He knows and he doesn't care. It's weird! I'm gonna be the cool dad and I don't know if he's aloof or what. I say like, 'What do you think, buddy? Do you like 'Guardians of the Galaxy'?' 'Yeah. 'Who's your favourite superhero?' 'Spider-Man.'''

It's not the first time Chris has spoken of his son's allegiance to other superheroes, as he previously said he likes Peter Parker and his alter-ego Spider-Man ''better''.

He said: ''He knows the first part of the film. I don't know if he thinks it is cool but he has seen the movies that I am in. He knows that I am Star-Lord. But as a matter of fact when I ask him 'who is your favourite superhero? Star-Lord?', he says 'No, Spider-Man'. He just likes Spider-Man better.''