Anna Faris and Chris Pratt lead ''boring lives''.

The couple - who have 17-month-old son Jack together - love nothing more than spending time at home together and never get carried away by their fame.

The 37-year-old actress said: ''A home-cooked meal, tinkering around our home, [sitting] around with the fireplace and a glass of wine.

''We really value our private time. Also, we have kind of boring lives.''

Chris, 34, added: ''Trying to remind each other to keep perspective and know that this is mostly temporary.''

The couple insist they would be happy without any of the trappings of fame because they value the ''simple'' things in life.

The 'Lego Movie' actor told People: ''Anna once told me that if I moved her into a trailer, she would still be happy. And I said, 'Well, honey, there's a good chance I'm going to do that, so ... ' ''

His wife added: ''We grew up 20 minutes away from each other north of Seattle in the country suburbs area. It's the simple things for us.''