Anna Faris is taking Jennifer Lawrence's side in her ongoing prank war with Chris Pratt.

The 40-year-old actress might be married to the 'Jurassic World' star, but that doesn't mean she agrees with him on everything as she recently admitted she was standing with 26-year-old Jennifer in the pair's ongoing fun and games.

Chris, 37, started the fake feud when he began cropping his 'Passengers' co-star out of his Instagram selfies, and the blonde beauty got revenge when she appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and vandalised a bus adorned with their movie poster by spray painting over Chris' face.

Asked by Entertainment Tonight how she feels about the vandalism at the Los Angeles premiere of the sci-fi movie on Wednesday (14.12.16), Anna said: ''I fully support Jennifer Lawrence. I am all for it. I adore her!''

Whilst Chris responded: ''I can't believe you're Team Jen. That sucks. I need some support, I thought you'd back me up.''

Meanwhile, Jennifer admitted she hadn't seen Chris since the bus prank, and had no idea if he was ''mad'' or not.

She said: ''There's a big feud going on. We're having a huge huge huge fight. I was really excited when we did that on Kimmel. I was like 'We've got to pay him back'. I haven't seen Chris yet, maybe he's mad I don't know.''

Chris joked: ''I saw it (the stunt), and shots fired. It's not over. This is a premiere, but the movie doesn't open for a few days. We still have some press tour left and she's gonna get it.

''We came up with a couple [ideas], we're not gonna tell you though. It's gonna get real... We can't tell you because you'll run and tell her, I know who you work for!''

And whilst Anna may not be sticking up for her husband - with whom she shares four-year-old son Jack - in his prank war, she still gushed over his achievements in the movie.

She said: ''It's so great and I'm so beyond proud and I'm thrilled to be here with him and by his side. I just can't believe my sweet husband is a movie star.''