Anna Faris has praised Jimmy Kimmel for speaking out about his youngest son's health struggles.

The 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' host has used his platform on a number of occasions to detail the ongoing battle surrounding his 21-month-old son Billy - who was born with a congenital heart defect - and has received praise from actress Anna whose own son Jack, four, who suffered complications when he was born two months early.

Anna - who has her son with estranged husband Chris Pratt - said: ''Jack had a few surgeries - he had a few hernia surgeries, he's had a few eye surgeries and he had a little heart issue as well. When Jack was born two months early, it came as a huge shock and suddenly, your world completely shifts. The doctors and nurses that helped us and surrounded us were so unbelievably supportive that it inspired Chris and I and my parents to all get involved in this.''

The 'Scary Movie' actress then spoke of the ''incredibly moving'' work Jimmy, 50, has been doing to try and bring accessible healthcare to young children who are in desperate need.

Speaking to Jimmy and his wife Molly McNearney - who also have three-year-old daughter Jane together - on her 'Unqualified' podcast, the 41-year-old actress said: ''What you guys have been talking about and how vocal you've been in terms of the health of your kid and how many people have reached out to me and how you guys have been so passionate about the idea of children's welfare and what we can do to ensure that all kids and mothers and parents have access to health care - It's been incredibly moving. I really appreciate how vocal you've been. It's meant a lot.''

Jimmy - who also has daughter Katie, 26, and son Kevin, 24, with his ex-wife Gina Kimmel - and Molly also shared a health update on their son, after the tot recently underwent a second surgery on his heart.

Molly revealed on the podcast: ''Billy's great. He had his second surgery and he'll have one more when he's older. It was tough, but kids are so resilient - he had open-heart surgery on a Monday and we were home on Friday. It's crazy.''