Anna Faris has revealed she loves to ''embarrass'' her son.

The 41-year-old actress is mother to five-year-old Jack - whom she has with her estranged husband Chris Pratt - and has admitted she believes her son is getting to the age where he's too cool for his mother, as he no longer wants to tell her he loves her when they're in public.

Speaking to E! News, the 'Emoji Movie' star said: ''I think I always embarrass my son ... Six months ago we would do this little game where I would say, 'I love you to the moon and back' and he would say 'I love you to Jupiter and back' and I would say 'I love you to Uranus and back!'

''Recently he's stopped doing that. I found myself doing that in public to him and I could tell that he was getting embarrassed. He's like, 'Mom, chill!'''

It comes after Anna recently claimed the key to co-parenting with 'Jurassic World' star Chris - whom she split with in August last year before filing for divorce in December - is to shower their tot with love.

She said: ''He's surrounded by so much love. We constantly reinforce what a great kid he is.

''I think the key is surrounding him with a lot of joy and happiness, which he has a ton of.

''I think it's those small moments in life, when your kid says something funny or like for me, I love what I do so I get a kick out of feeling like I nailed a joke well. And family and friends!''

The 'Scary Movie' actress now has the help of her new beau Michael Barrett when it comes to her son, as sources claim the cinematographer is ''great'' with Jack.

An insider said: ''Michael is great with him and that's all Anna cares about.''

Michael - who met Anna on the set of new movie 'Overboard' - has also got the seal of approval from the blonde beauty's friends.

The source added: ''They are a great match. All of her friends love him. He's so down-to-earth, stable and obsessed with Anna.''