Anna Faris kept a diary as a child in which she left all her ''boy crazy'' secrets.

The 41-year-old actress appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Wednesday (11.04.18) and came armed with her childhood diary, in which she had scribbled notes about the various crushes she had on boys in her neighbourhood growing up.

She said: ''This is so mortifying. Please don't let my parents know. I'm so boy crazy.''

The 'Overboard' star - who has five-year-old son Jack with her estranged husband Chris Pratt - handed her diary to show host Jimmy Kimmel, and he read out the excerpts that detailed her feelings for two boys named Ryan.

He read: ''He likes me. I know Ryan likes me. He always puts his arm around me and calls me 'honey,' even if he's going with Beth.

''Ryan Lewis, our paperboy, likes me, too. And on weekends, I flirt with him. Got to run.''

And Anna then confessed to having ''bribed'' the boys she liked with refreshments in order to make them like her back.

She said: ''As I read through all of these painful memories, I realised that I bribed everybody in my life. Ryan Lewis, I would leave sodas out for him. Ryan G., I would buy him ice cream all the time. I don't know.''

It comes after the 'Mom' actress previously talked about the types of men she is attracted to, following her split from 'Jurassic World' actor Chris in August last year.

She said: ''I love love! Like all of us, I need a sense of human connection and intimacy. At the end of a workday, I feel exposed and kind of raw. I want to be with someone I can confess to, and who can confess to me.''

Before marrying Chris in 2009, Anna was previously married to actor Ben Indra from 2004 until 2008.