Anna Faris isn't sure whether she still believes in marriage.

The 41-year-old actress has already tied the knot two times, to actors Ben Indra and Chris Pratt, and she's admitted she isn't certain if she still believes in the institution.

Anna - who has son Jack, five, with her estranged husband Chris - explained: ''I am a romantic. I believe in a partnership, I believe in companionship. I just don't know if I believe in a ceremony of a wedding.''

The blonde beauty regularly discusses the issue of marriage with her brother.

But Anna has also admitted to harbouring lots of self-doubts about dating and marriage.

Speaking to Dax Shepard during his Armchair Expert podcast, she shared: ''You'd think that having successfully married parents would increase your odds [of making it work].

''But how we've justified it is trying to make something work when we weren't sort of picking up the clues.

''For me, it was sort of checking it off the list. If I get this part solved, I'll do career and everything ... I think I was also very intimidated by dating in LA, not feeling like I fit here with glamorous people, and I felt like the stoner dudes that I knew back home were just easier. Flashier guys here, I don't know.''

Anna and Chris, 38, announced their separation in August last year.

And the actress has admitted to being undecided about whether she'd be willing to tie the knot again, adding she'd ''need to figure out what the purpose is'' before she got married for a third time.

Elaborating on her concerns, Anna confessed: ''Is it safety for your children? Is it convention? Is it so other people respect your relationship more? ... For me, I'm just not quite sure where it fits.''