Anna Faris jokes holding her heavy baby has helped tone her arms.

The actress and doting mother to 13-month-old son Jack claims her baby is now ''huge'' despite being born six weeks premature and claims his ''active'' personality keeps her fit.

Speaking to People Magazine at the Emmy Awards on Sunday,(22.09.13) she joked: ''My arms have never been toned before and now they are because he's huge! He's got a huge head, a huge body. He's like 60 pounds, [He is] so active.''

Meanwhile Anna hasn't been as happy about her husband, actor Chris Pratt's recent weight loss for his starring role in Marvel's comic book film, 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.

The 36-year-old actress joked she is not impressed with her husband's newly toned physique, adding: ''It's so annoying, I can't wait for him to come back from shooting. I do [miss his old size] a little bit.

''We both love to eat and drink, so I'm sure [the weight won't stay off]. You have to live life sometimes, you know?''