Pregnant actress Anna Chlumsky is keen to minimise her maternity leave once she gives birth to her first child because the thought of taking weeks off work makes her anxious.

The former child star, who once romanced a young MACauley Culkin in My Girl, is expecting a baby girl with her husband Shaun So this summer (13), and the 32 year old hopes she will find the perfect balance between her parenting duties and her career sooner rather than later.

The Veep actress tells People magazine, "I'm definitely going to be a working mum. I love my job, and the idea of even not working for a month gives me anxiety. I know I'll figure it out. Plenty of ladies have done it before."

However, Chlumsky admits she has learned not to schedule everything as she approaches her due date: "It (her pregnancy) has been a lesson in not worrying. I like to plan, but you can't. This is all out of my control. Nature takes its course!"