Ann Curry 's return to the Today show made for unexpectedly uncomfortable viewing yesterday (August 9, 2012). Curry was dumped from the show back in June, somewhat unceremoniously and no secret was made of the fact that she was being blamed for the dramatic decline in the show's ratings. Her dismissal was sweetened by NBC with the promise of being made 'anchor at large' for the show and according to the Los Angeles Times she was promised a sweet spot reporting from the London 2012 Olympics.
The Olympics, however, started on July 28 and it wasn't until yesterday that Curry actually appeared on the show in the capacity of an Olympics reporter. The move by Today has prompted many media outlets to speculate that her coverage had been scaled back, so that they could focus on her replacement, Savannah Guthrie. Her eventual return was not without tension, as a brief exchange between Curry and Lauer was just that: brief. Matt Lauer seemed to be trying to keep the mood light, saying "nice to see you," enthusiastically. Curry's reply was less effusive, as she simply said "Good morning, Matt," before launching straight into Olympics business, with a profile of the Olympic photographer Adam Pretty.
Lauer tried once more to get a conversation flowing, by saying "You're pretty good with the camera. Did you pick up anything?" Curry's reply came back, curtly: "No." Though she eventually elaborated "Well, I didn't take any pictures, but I learned some lessons from him." Looks as though it may take a little longer for that particular frost to thaw, then?